Current Events

Our July Virtual Wiconi Family Camp & Powwow was such a blessing. A big thank you to Jonathan Maracle, Robert Soto, Paul Flores IV, Casey Church, Terry Wildman and Raymond Minniecon, for your words, songs, teaching and ministry around the world. These virtual camps keep the extended family of Creator together, encouraged and blessed in big ways and we learn so much from you all and each other as we worship Jesus together in an indigenous context. A big thanks to those in the Talking Circles as well as the teams behind the scenes that work to bring us the very best in technology and what would we do without the promotions team and Alyssa Davis and prayer warriors who surround the camp. I cannot say enough! The next virtual Wiconi Family Camp will be on November 13, 2021. Watch for details. God’s richest blessings in Christ Jesus to you all!