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Zoom Meeting Participant Information

It is important to get set up on Zoom and make sure all is working correctly before the Wiconi Virtual Family Camp starts.


Here’s a Zoom website with helpful information on joining a Zoom meeting, but you can also skip this and go right to the next step below:


Install & Test Zoom

If you click on you will be prompted to download and install the Zoom app if you haven’t already.


In the Zoom Test, you can check your video and audio.

At the bottom left of the Zoom screen, there are two buttons, Mute and Stop Video. To see these on an iPhone, tap the screen. If you click on the little up carrot (^) next to Mute, then click on Audio Settings, you can test your Speaker with the Test Speaker button. You can also test your Microphone with the Test Mic button. This records you speaking for a few seconds, then plays it back for you.


A couple of other features you should know about:

If you move your mouse to the upper right of the screen, you’ll see “Enter Full Screen.” Click on that to go to Full Screen mode. To exit Full Screen, repeat and “Exit Full Screen” shows up, or simply hit Esc.

Also, when there are several people on the Zoom session, in the upper right you can select Gallery View to see everyone in a small window or Speaker View to always see the person who is talking enlarged.


During the actual Wiconi Virtual Family Camp we’ll be in Speaker View in the main meeting and you can choose Gallery View in your smaller Talking Circle.


After you’re all set up with Zoom, make sure that you’ll be able to find your confirmation email (Subject: “Wiconi Virtual Family Camp Confirmation”) when the time comes, so you’ll be able to join the meeting.


If you have any problems getting set up ahead of time, please call Pete Gerhard (near Seattle) at (206) 384-6207. I won’t be able to help you once the meeting is about to start, so work on this early.

To dial in on a phone (audio only, no video):

Step 1: First call the Zoom phone number closest to you.

253 215 8782  Tacoma, Washington

346 248 7799          Houston, Texas
669 900 6833     San Francisco, CA
301 715 8592                   Maryland
312 626 6799         Chicago, Illinois
929 205 6099            New York City

Step 2:
You'll be asked for the Meeting ID.
On your phone, enter the Meeting ID you received in the confirmation email (registration link in Current Events page) then press #

Step 3:
You'll be asked for your participant ID or to simply press #
So, on your phone, simply press #

Step 4:
You'll be asked for the meeting password.
On your phone, enter the password you received in the confirmation email (registration link in the Current Events page) then press #

You'll hear a message that you are in the call.

To mute or unmute yourself, hit *6 on your phone.

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